Public Relations vs. Advertising: What’s the Difference?

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”

Advertising requires payment and results in guaranteed placement. In contrast, public relations is earned. Legitimate media outlets do not accept payment to run articles. They will only run what is newsworthy to their audience and have total control over what is published or aired.

The graphic below shows the primary differences between advertising and PR:

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If you are considering a public relations campaign, it’s very important to understand these differences.

PR professionals are storytellers and image shapers who can create narratives to advance client agendas. PR can protect, enhance and build reputations and credibility.

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Developing Media Relationships: Strategies for Better Coverage

If you want to get your message out, don’t make the mistake of treating the media like a vending machine. Some people figure if they kick it and shake it a few times, they might get something good for free.

That’s not how it works. (more…)

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How to Land Media Coverage

To successfully pitch the news media, you need to make it easy for editors and reporters to cover your story.

A hardnews story can rise to the front page or the beginning of a broadcast based on its urgency and news value, no matter how difficult it is to get that story. A story that comes out of an email pitch or news release, however, rarely rises to such urgency. (more…)

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What Drives Newsroom Decisions

Journalists receive dozens of unsolicited phone calls and hundreds of unwanted emails each day. Their Twitter networks churn out an endless stream of updates, links, and photos. RSS feeds offer innumerable stories from their favorite blogs and websites. (more…)

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