Web Design & Development

Our comprehensive web design and development

services include:website design, indiana website design

-website design (search engine optimized architecture)

-website updates

-website management

-website content

-landing page content and design


Search Engine Optimization

We offer SEO for all new website design projects as well as existing websites.

A website’s quality, design, content and usability are huge factors in how it ranks. The performance of a website from the perspectives of  technical and user-experience are becoming stronger factors in achieving top results. Our inclusive SEO services are performed in conjunction with website design/redesign, branding, public relations and/or marketing campaigns. These services include:

seo with frame-Website analysis (design, navigation, mobile compatibility, links, content, load speed, etc.)

-Keyword analysis

-Developing content that is authoritative and credible

-Optimizing web content (copy, images, etc.)

-Optimizing page titles, tags, descriptions, URLs, etc.

-Organic link building (quality over quantity)


-Press releases

-Industry relevant sites

-Industry influencers

-Blog posts

-Social network citations/profiles

-Online articles

-Social bookmarks

               -Guest posting

SEO should be just one of the tools in your digital marketing strategy. A holistic approach to marketing will yield much greater dividends than doing SEO here and there.  The days of being able to manipulate one or two isolated metrics are gone.

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